BRB is a company specializing in the supply and development of products for Italian large-scale retailers.


BRB is able to supply own brand products or make private labels for food and non-food categories.

BRB provides customers with its know-how and the qualified experience of its team in order to realize every need. For every activity, from development to logistics, the customer can count on the constant support of a young and dynamic team.

Among our main goals we have the maintenance and respect for the quality of our products and processes. We are IFS Broker certified, ensuring quality and safety on behalf of the customer. We check that our suppliers comply with certification requirements by monitoring their performance. BRB has obtained certification to the organic method in order to respond to the increased sensitivity to this production method.

We collaborate with GDO and HD. We collaborate with major brands throughout the country. We know how to interpret our customers’ needs in order to create a customized product.

The qualified experience of our staff guarantees collaboration with professional figures. Our efficiency, professionalism and competitiveness enable us to transform the customer’s idea into a finished product.

Our warehouses are dedicated to our customers’ products, and we cooperate with professional partners from the international transportation, sea, road and rail industries. We rely on certified logistics service providers with the goal of maintaining a high level of quality throughout the supply chain.